Thanks to Elevation Outdoors for a great comprehensive article about the inception of Momenta, and what is at stake! Read the full article by clicking HERE or the image below.   

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EcoWatch on Momenta:  "One of the 10 best documentaries of 2013".  And we are just getting started with the campaign!"

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 'Protect Our Winters' Tackles Coal. 


"An upcoming film from snowboarder Jeremy Jones aims to get the word out on an energy story that dwarfs the proposed Keystone XL pipeline."

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"Powerful Documentary to Epose Environmental Impact Of Powder River Basin Coal Project" .  Read the full article HERE.


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"As a Snowboarder, it should matter to you if global warming continues it's current path, 70% of the snow will be gone by 2050."   Read full article HERE.

"Asia-bound cargo shipments would create more than 100 million tons of coal passing through Sandpoint in uncovered train cars annually—that’s 60,000 pounds of coal dust lost of the course of the coal shipment."

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